Dog Debacle

Nov 08, 2017

To the Editor:

I would like to say that the incident between two dogs and their owners on the beach off of Engleside Avenue on Oct. 13 (“Canine Clash on Beach Highlights Leash Law,” 10/25) was an anomaly, but I’m afraid this happens way too frequently. 

Most of the busier beaches, Centre, Engleside and the “pavilion” beach entrances in Beach Haven, attract mainly day-trippers and people who come specifically to let their dogs run on the beaches. As someone who uses the beaches mainly off-season, time and time again, I have not only witnessed off-leash dog runs at people who are not aware or expecting a dog jumping on them, but dogs who face off against one another.

As much as people love their dogs, they are animals and will specifically act as such when left to run wild with no supervision or control. Frequently, I will kindly tell people that there is a leash law ordinance in Beach Haven. I am shocked when people who don’t live here argue that they indeed are allowed to let their dogs run and do as they please.

One more point before an easy solution: There are many families who don’t care for dogs or who have had a traumatic experience in their past and who are afraid of dogs, and it is wholly unfair to subject these people to unknown dogs touching them or invading their space when they are simply trying to enjoy all of the splendor that our town’s beaches have to offer.

A simple solution is to post signs at these busier beaches with the ordinance number and citing the 6-foot leash law. This solution will not only make dog owners aware of our laws and will take the onus off of the resident citizen to educate (I find it a waste to call the police about violation of this ordinance), but most importantly, it will avoid any further death, damage or unpleasantness for both animal and humans alike. These signs are a long time in coming.

Faith Coleman

Beach Haven


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