Dog Kills Unleashed Dog on Beach Haven Beach

Oct 25, 2017

A couple visiting Long Beach Island from Pennsylvania learned a painful lesson on Friday, Oct. 13.

They were walking their dogs on the beach at Engleside Avenue in Beach Haven. That’s legal – dogs are allowed on the Queen City’s ocean beaches between Sept. 16 and May 14.

What isn’t legal is walking a dog on the beach or, in fact, in any public place, without keeping that dog on a leash no more than six feet long (Beach Haven Municipal Code Chapter 51-18). That law protects not only people or animals but the dog itself, as the couple found out after their failure to follow that regulation resulted in a tragedy.

“On October 13, 2017 two couples were walking their dogs on the beach at Engleside Dr., Beach Haven, NJ,” reads a report by the Stafford Township Department of Animal Control, which also services the borough of Beach Haven. “The first couple was walking their German Shepherd on leash and the second couple was on the beach with their Chinese Crested (dog), which was off leash and unsecured.

“The Chinese Crested ran up to the German Shepherd, which again was on leash and in a sitting position. The German Shepherd grabbed the smaller dog (the typical Chinese Crested weighs between 10 and 13 pounds) and bit him in the head area/upper body.

“As a result of the injuries sustained from the Shepherd bite, the Chinese Crested passed away. Both parties involved had bite exposures from their attempt to separate the dogs, but it could not be determined which of the two dogs during the ordeal had bit the owners. As a precautionary measure, the German Shepherd was placed under NJ State mandatory ten-day quarantine to evaluate for rabies. The waiver of rabies testing was issued out of the Long Beach Island Health Department. Both dogs were up to date on rabies vaccinations …

“Officers Daly & Wallberg from Beach Haven Police Department were first on scene.”



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