Dog Park Dangers

Feb 14, 2018

To the Editor:

It has become obvious that in some area towns, including Stafford Township, dog parks are being brought up as a service that must be addressed and conveniently provided to the dog owner faction.

Several years ago, I did some Internet research on the topic “Dangers of Dog Parks” in addition to my nearly 50 years in human healthcare matters and working with medical markets. It was immediately obvious that many viruses and parasites that affect dogs and humans, including leptospirosis, a bacteria-borne illness that can result in liver or kidney failure, may be lurking within dog parks, according to veterinarian groups.

These germs could be found in the soil, water and even the air, said Dr. Susan Nelson, a clinical associate professor at Kansas State University’s Veterinary Health Center. “Many of these serious diseases can be fatal, even with treatment,” she stated.

Do not make me out to be a dog park hater. I love my neighbor’s dogs, and pet them as they casually walk by. But these concerns must be addressed. Dog parks must be thoroughly vetted.

Above all, pets should be fully vaccinated before frolicking with other pets and friends. No one wants to have a pet suffer from illness after visiting a dog park. Dogs can catch leptospirosis from standing water or other dogs’ waste.

It’s funny how difficult it was to have human toilets made convenient in our LBI shore towns. Now we have an outcry for a convenient animal toilet?

Sal Sorce


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Posted by: Jean D Ragone | Feb 15, 2018 07:27

I am a dog owner and I couldn’t agree with you more. We travel between LBI and FL routinely.  Because we travel by car with our dog and stop at various rest stops, he has every vaccine out there. When I went to our northern vet they didn’t have one of his vaccines because it was for something that you find more in the south. LBI is a vacation spot. We attract families from all over the country so there is no telling what diseases/illnesses could be brought to a dog park for which our dogs are not vaccinated against.  We do not take any of our family dogs to dog parks for a variety of reasons. I am primarily concerned about diseases and aggressive dogs,  However, there is also a concern about what some humans might do. Several years ago in a different, a man had driven around and put poisoned pieces of meat in several parks.  So NO dog parks for us.

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