Dog Park Dirt 

Aug 08, 2018

To the Editor:

This is another point of view concerning a letter you published about the Barnegat Light dog park (“Dog Park Praise,” 7/25). My major concern is dog feces not picked up by the dog park users.

I have seen toddlers running and playing inside the dog park with their parent(s) and end up with “brown stains” on their hands and sometimes their bare feet. Disgusting! This is widely related to dog owners with multiple dogs chatting continually in the social atmosphere while their dogs use the grass facilities to make a deposit. Since the owners are not watching their dogs, conditions are getting worse.

My dog caught a bacterial infection, which required antibiotics from our vet. He advised me to stay away from public dog parks.

My other concern has to do with the use of the leash. I have had problems leaving the dog park when another dog owner crosses the field or approaches the gate and the dog(s) are not leashed. I believe this violates some ordinance in Barnegat Light. Leash laws are there to protect the public as well as the dogs, both large and small. I never observed a dog off leash in Surf City or Long Beach Township. Where are the cops?

This is the real view of the Barnegat Light dog park. No more for me!

Rebecca O’Neil

North Beach


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