Dog Park Growls

Jun 21, 2017

To the Editor:

I recently took my dog to the dog park in Barnegat Light and was surprised to see the following: a locked gate that can be opened only with a government-issued swipe card, surveillance cameras and a sign commanding that in order to be issued a swipe card, dog owners must present the municipality with personal identification, as well as the dog’s papers and veterinary records.

Several disgruntled dog owners were locked out of the park, all unaware of the new, stringent canine regulations, and all griping that the new law is unnecessary and stupid. They’re right.

When was the last time a dog or its owner got rabies in Barnegat Light’s dog park? Never, I’m sure. When was the last time a dog attacked another dog or owner in the park? It’s probably happened, but how can a swipe card possibly prevent that from happening?

 I’m sure the municipality will have some official and officious response, but it won’t convince the owners and renters who came to LBI without their dog’s papers. Give us a break.

Jud Aaron

Philadelphia, Pa.


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Posted by: Jean D Ragone | Jun 22, 2017 11:55

I am a dog owner but have chosen not to visit the dog park in BL. In the past I have found that owners do not properly supervise their pets. Feces been left behind. The gate has been left open. People have left their own litter behind. My dog has been vaccinated for rabies, parvo, Lepto, nordadello, etc.  I am sure this was done, not to make money, but rather for the safety of people and their dogs. Why should non-dog owners foot the bill for others who want to let their dogs play at the park. The cost will cover proper maintenance. The registry might ensure that people treat the park respectfully.

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