Doggone Annoyed

Aug 01, 2018
Courtesy of: Annabelle Gleason According to the letter writer, leaves on the zinnias by her mailbox turned brown overnight after being sprayed by a canine.

To the Editor:

I am writing to vehemently concur that Tony Cirillo’s response (“Do Unto Others ...,” 7/18) to Wendy McClure’s piece (“What’s a Dog to Do Around Here,” 7/4) was spot on.

Like Mr. Cirillo, let me first say that I am a dog lover. Their owners, however, continually fail to understand that others choose not to own a dog for varied, personal reasons. I agree that dogs should defecate and urinate only in their owner’s yards and people should never dispose of doggy waste in anyone else’s trash cans.

When I’ve asked my neighbors to have their dogs “go” somewhere else, they’ve stared at me like I must be the Wicked Witch. A complete look of disbelief comes over them ... “uhhhh, I wonder why this lady doesn’t love my sweet dog’s poopy loose remnants on her stones next to those roses.” Duh.

In the last few years, many residents are walking their unleashed dogs on the beach before and after the lifeguard’s shift (10-5), disregarding the ordinance and possible $500 fine because what terrible “anti-dog” person would actually report them? I have been tempted to do just that, especially when a dog wakens me from a perfectly wonderful late-afternoon nap by bounding up to sniff my sleeping head. Am I supposed to laugh and wave at the distant owner like I enjoyed that experience? Not.

Instead of reporting and curtailing this practice, we bring our children and grandchildren to lay their towels next to sand soaked with dog urine. Ugh. While some bring a bag for solid waste, nobody picks up urine. (Could this be another source of police revenue instead of handing out so many parking tickets?)

Most recently, the beautiful zinnias that were planted next to my mailbox have withered and died because of dog urine. Who is to say that I don’t love my flowers just as much as people love their dogs? Mr. Cirillo states it perfectly: “‘Anti-dog people’ do not object to dogs, just their inconsiderate owners.”

I’m just a little doggone annoyed.

Annabelle Gleason

North Beach

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