Don’t Change BL

Apr 19, 2017

To the Editor:

As residents of Barnegat Light for over 30 years, we have witnessed many changes. Most have been good, but not all to our benefit. Raising the height restrictions falls into the later category.

Our raised ranch, which has stood proudly for 60 years, is dwarfed on one side by newer construction built prior to Superstorm Sandy. Since then, several homes on our block appear to be taller. Now there is discussion of raising the height restriction by another 2 feet. To what purpose? More is not necessarily better.

Are the ocean breezes, bright light and privacy that we fondly remember only to be available to those who can afford to build boxy, four-story residences with elevator shafts and water views? Will this be the standard for every lot in the borough?

If we wanted an urban experience we would have retired to Brooklyn. Instead we chose to remain in Barnegat Light with its low-rise character, which has made this such a unique place on the Jersey Shore. Enough is enough.

Marlena Christensen

Barnegat Light


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Posted by: Jean D Ragone | Apr 20, 2017 10:38

And it probably won't stop.  We are in Harvey Cedars where the building height maximum for oceanfront homes was increased as a result of the dunes. In order to appease oceanfront homeowners who lost some of their oceanview (don't get me wrong I understand the value of a view).  However, the town did not take into consideration the homes behind the oceanfront homes. These second, third, fourth, etc. homes are now losing the prized oceanviews they once enjoyed.  Will these homeowners eventually pressure the town into raising their building height limit?  The township set a precedence by raising the height maximum on the oceanfronts. In addition the township is allowing huge oceanfront homes that not only tower into the sky but are built amazingly close to the property lines creating congestion in once spacious areas.

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