Don’t Blink Yet

Oct 11, 2017

To the Editor:        

I am a long-time LBI frequenter and resident. There was a time when traffic was not the issue that it is now. The traffic lights on blink the day after Chowderfest is a tragedy waiting to happen.

The pedestrian in the crosswalks having the right of way is a sick joke. Police don’t even abide by this law. I am truly in fear when attempting to cross the Boulevard in the crosswalks without a traffic light.

Perhaps the end of October would be a safer option for the lights to go on blink. Everyone does not live on the beach block.

Michael Murphy

Ship Bottom

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Posted by: Jean D Ragone | Oct 12, 2017 10:51

As much as I LOVE the blinking lights in the off season, I agree that they need to start blinking later. HC started blinking before Chowderfest. And I LOVE the change to 45 mph, but that is also too soon. November 1 would seem to be a more appropriate date. Even my adult daughter thought the higher speed was too soon given the number of events and cars that are still here in October.

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