Dreaming of Summer

Mar 08, 2017

To the Editor:

Like many of us LBI beachgoers, January and February can be kind of tough on the mind. You look outside and see nothing but brown grass with bushes and trees having no leaves on them. We long for the days of bright sunshine, a little breeze and the smell of the surf in the air.

Such was the day recently when I sat back, kinda dozed off and longed for the beach. As I slipped into slumberland with my eyes closed, I could actually feel the bright, warm sun penetrating my eyelids even though they were closed. In the background I could hear distant radios switching from pop music to the news. I knew for sure I was sleeping on the beach. What a great feeling!

At one point when I opened my eyes just slightly I saw a beautiful tan lady standing next to me. She was very gently touching my face. Though I thought it was unusual, it did not seem to give me cause to wake up. It seemed as though I could actually feel the warmth of the sand on my back. What a beautiful dream I was having in March. I guess things couldn’t get much better.

As I began to awaken with my eyes open just slightly, the very first thing I saw was a yellow necktie coming toward me. I was still a bit sleepy and just a little confused when I realized it was around the neck of a rather short fellow who had a white shirt on. Oh no! I wasn’t sleeping on the beach; I was at the dentist’s office! I had fallen asleep in the dentist chair. Oh well, it was still a great dream.

Al Zarroli

Churchville, Pa., and Harvey Cedars

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