Dredge the Bay

Aug 22, 2018

The following is addressed to Managing Editor and Fish Story columnist Jay Mann.


I just read your column from the Aug. 8 issue (“A Sinking Feeling: Nuisance Flooding Becoming Complex”). I do agree with you on the flooding problem on LBI and the surrounding areas. I believe that Sandy pulled a lot of trash and debris into the bay and rivers in the area, causing the bay to become shallower than it has been in recent years.

I know the Environmental Protection Agency and environmentalists don’t want to disturb the bay, but to lessen the flooding it has to been done. We keep dredging the oceanside of LBI. Why not the bayside? There have to be environmental issues with the ocean dredging and they got past that.

Also, along the Little Egg Inlet, why don’t we use jetties like we do on the north end at the lighthouse? Is the south end of the Island the “red-headed stepchild” no one wants to deal with? Yes, this flooding is a problem and has to be addressed.

Dave Pallas

Palmyra, N.J., and Surf City


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