Dredging on Osborn Island Continues to Clear Lagoons of Mud

Oct 31, 2018
Photo by: Pat Johnson Three caterpillar earth movers; one on a barge and two on the dredged mud now de-watering on Kentucky Drive on Osborn Island.

The Little Egg Harbor Township Committee has approved a change in the individual waterfront development permit obtained by the Osborn Island Residents Association that allows Wickberg Marine Contracting to truck the mud it is dredging from Osborn Island lagoons to a different disposal site. Mayor Ray Gormley said the company is responsible for disposing of the mud and asked the NJDEP for permission to truck it to a facility in New Egypt rather than the site named in the permit, which is in Cardiff City in Atlantic County.

The modified change is contained in a letter dated Oct. 15 from the NJDEP on file in the clerk’s office. Any member of the public can comment on the change for 15 days after the receipt of the letter.

During the Oct. 25 municipal meeting, Gormley said the change was initiated by the dredging company. The new facility is EME Inc., located off Route 539 in New Egypt with a facility in Plumstead that is approved to accept dredged material, remix it and reuse it.

The pace of the dredging project on Osborn Island has picked up in the last week according to Ed Andrew, a member of the Osborn Island Residents Association. “It’s been a clean and quiet operation, and there has been no smell,” he said. “Maybe because it’s been colder.”

Materials have been dropped off on Iowa Court for the shoreline protection project. Gormley said that project should start very soon.

And the Army Corps of Engineers has approved the waterfront development permit for dredging some lagoons on the east side of Radio Road in the Mystic Island section of the township. Gormley said it was like having half the permitting process complete. —P.J.

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