Drivers Beware

Oct 03, 2018

To the Editor:

I am as happy as most of us are that the lights on Long Beach Boulevard started blinking on Monday. But crossing the Boulevard twice was scary. Drivers, don’t blow it!

I was going to the beach Monday in Beach Haven Crest. I got off my bike, waited a minute for a partial traffic break and then started walking across the Boulevard. One driver did not even slow and passed me uncomfortably close before I got across.

When returning from the beach, I went a block out of my way, to 79th Street, because it has clearly marked crosswalks. No better. I waited for a pretty big traffic break, started walking my bike, got three-quarters across and noticed a car in the last lane was still coming at high speed. Maybe I’d make it, or maybe I’d become his hood ornament. So I stopped and held up my hand. He grudgingly braked, stopped, and I finished crossing. I was not a slowpoke, but that person clearly did not want to stop for anybody or anything.

Drivers, we’re all happy the lights are blinking. But we now have to stop for pedestrians. Remember last year when we thought a new state law would mess up LBI’s de facto agreement? In season, pedestrians crossing to/from the beach wait for the red lights, and then they have plenty of time to cross the Boulevard. It works well. But now, blinking lights are not a license for us to cruise control the entire Island at 45 mph. I hope pedestrians wait for traffic breaks, but when they make their move to cross the Boulevard, we need to help them out.

Otherwise, maybe the state steps in and ruins our summer system, and that would be worse. Or maybe somebody gets hurt, and that would be much worse.

Bob Stewart

Beach Haven Crest



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