Dubious Intentions

Jul 05, 2017

To the Editor:

It remains in serious doubt what intentions the proposed developer has for the tract of disputed land in Holgate that continues to plague our community’s resolve. As noted in the June 28 edition, the negotiations between the developer and the Trust for Public Land continue to move at a slow pace.

The developer stated he is working to “preserve” the area for the future while he and the property owners simultaneously were the very people who put bids in last year to build a half dozen houses on unstable marsh land. It seems they want it both ways, which is reassuring and convincing to absolutely no one in this community. Their deception is laughable.

As I wrote in the June 7 edition, the disputed patch of marsh saved the homes on Webster, Susan and Pennsylvania avenues from the onslaught of Superstorm Sandy’s torrential tidal flooding. The Army Corps of Engineers noted how the two blocks that shouldered the marsh had largely gone untouched while blocks just south were completely devastated. This is not just a testament to having blessed luck, which residents did. We can point to the marsh confidently as the real reason for the ocean diverting there because it is natural engineering working as intended.

A handshake and a smile do not account for what is and was beneath you. Our resolve must remain with preserving the community so we have a community in the coming years.

Preserving current marsh lands while discussing possible new conservation areas will help the Island remain afloat, and will keep its natural beauty unmolested from the schemers who care not about our community, but whose only care is counting their “con-earned” dollars.

Adam E. Zielinski



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