Eagleswood Loses $33,000 CDBG Grant

Aug 24, 2016

Eagleswood Township will not be able to utilize a $33,000 Community Development Block Grant because the estimates to build a handicap ramp to the front of the town hall came in at almost double the price.

Mayor Michael Pasternak said seven contractors picked up the bid specs, but only two submitted a bid, one for $63,855 and another at $61,100.

Township Engineers Owen and Little made the $33,000 estimate.

The township will not re-bid the project, said Pasternak. “We had seven take bid packages. What’s the point of doing it again?”

On a more positive note, the township has finalized the Main Streetscape and saved $9,255 on the last leg of the project: the bricks, lighting and curbs from the new bridge over the Westecunk to Mill Street on the south side of Route 9. The project was finished for $98,698 by TC Landscape in Toms River and came in under budget.

Pasternak thanked the Eagleswood and other local fire companies and the EMS that came to the aid of the owners of Anchor Appliance during the fire on July 30 that destroyed a building on the property. “The good news was that despite the heat, no firemen were injured. I talked to the owner and told him that whatever the township can do to help him successfully move forward, we will do.”

Property maintenance issues are moving forward. Pasternak said he was happy to see the property on Route 9 next to the Dream Café had been cleaned up, and a Dock Road house destroyed and abandoned after Superstorm Sandy had been demolished.

During the public portion of the meeting, David Fox of Dock Road said the township should notify the marine police that boaters are speeding on the creek, despite the “slow no wake” buoy that is stationed at the mouth of the creek. “The boats are getting bigger and bigger, and they slow down at the buoy, but once past it they go back up on plane, and water goes slopping up on the banks. I know that the buoy marker means ‘slow no wake’ for the entire creek.

“A scientist from Stockton proved that marshes erode three times quicker from boat wakes.”

Deputy Mayor Debra Rivas said she was paddling in her kayak on the creek and would not want to have a boat speed by her.

Fox said he helped a kayak paddler at his house on the creek on Saturday evening. “He asked me where a campground was. He was paddling from Lake Champlain to Key West, Fla., and so far the only place he was hassled was in New Jersey! He had to go in the ocean, and Sandy Hook wouldn’t let him camp there.”

Fox said he let the man camp on his property, fed him barbecue and let him take a shower. “He had 200 pounds of equipment with him and he was going to eat a can of soup for dinner, so I said come on in and have a hamburger and hot dog. He left my place happy as a clam.”

The paddler’s website is lifewithlarry.com. —P.J. 

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