Eco-Radical Agenda

Mar 14, 2018

To the Editor:

When I first corresponded with The SandPaper a number of months ago questioning the true motive(s) behind the plastic bag ban instituted by Mayor Joseph Mancini and his cronies from Long Beach Township, I should have known the protests from the far left and the copycat do-gooders would indeed come out of the woodwork; it is, of course, their MO. But I must admit even I was surprised that so many of those who wish to outdo their own kind to be recognized as the one and only true savers of our Earth fought to be at the front of the recognition line to save us all from ourselves and the purchase and usage of legal products to better our lifestyles.

The sole interest of these individuals is not, in fact, to ban plastic, but to enact controls on our lives in line with their doctrine and beliefs: Let ’em eat cake! Totalitarianism starts with an attack on what the radical views as the path of least resistance, using the acquired momentum, if successful, as a building block to further develop other “non-issues,” further attacking our freedoms and fulfilling a false agenda.

In this particular case, the plastic bag is utilized as their agenda catalyst. Note: The photo of the rogue plastic bag on a deserted roadway in Stafford taken by Ryan Morrill and featured by The SandPaper,was indeed impactful. What’s next, the Statue of Liberty encased by a Ziploc storage bag?

Those for the advocacy of freedom – all freedoms – applaud the town management of Surf City and others who saw through the transparent attempt of the eco-radicals to intimidate retailers and consumers to fuel their agenda. May I suggest that instead of pursuing pie-in-the-sky political agendas, Mayor Mancini spend his spare time coming up with a fix-all solution to pave the unusable and impassable roads of LBT? Start there, Mr. Mayor.

With Stafford Township  now committing to also participate in this freedom-curtailing scheme, there is only question that remains at this point: What will happen to my beloved yellow ShopRite bags? Hide your plastic straws! Oh, wait …

Wake up, America!

Joseph S. Orrico 

Surf City

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