Effective Commission

Oct 05, 2016

To the Editor:

We are all imperfect humans. It is our job to decide what imperfections are most important to us when choosing our Long Beach Township commissioners in November. I don’t want to write about a lot negativity toward anyone who may be running. As a long-time LBI resident, local businessman of almost 30 years and a local chamber of commerce board member, I’ll give you a few points and opinions to consider.

There are good things going on in Long Beach Township:

• Taxes have been kept low (a post-Sandy huge task), second lowest on the Island.

• New parks have been established and old ones improved upon. Bayview Park has become the model and envy of countless communities.

The park at town hall is beautiful: pickleball, dog park, basketball, much-needed parking, etc.

• Beach replenishment has been aggressively followed up on and pushed forward.

• I have always found an open-door policy to be the case at town hall.

When any particular commissioner has been unavailable, he has willingly met with me and others after hours on more than one occasion to get things done.

• The free shuttle bus has been a long overdue and incredibly awesome accomplishment.

• The LBI Chamber of Commerce, a township-supported initiative and the group that helps to pay for things like the Kite Festival, the buses, special events in all towns, has spent tens of thousands of dollars to bring people to our little paradise.

As an avid and open-minded listener, I went to hear the commissioners at a local meet and greet last week. As a people watcher, I naturally looked around to see who was there and to try and overhear the hum of the crowd to try and understand what was on the minds of our respected neighbors.

Many well-respected, long-time locals were nervously hoping that the three commissioners would remain in office for the next four years. The continuity of post-Sandy work was a big concern. Comments included: “There is still a lot to do,” “How long would the learning curve be for any new candidates running?” “Which, if any, of the new candidates would even be even able to handle the tasks at hand?”

Some questioned the Island residency of one candidate. Some questioned the ability of one candidate who has apparently taken on multiple jobs with little to no follow-through. Some seemed to be there just to listen. Some thanked the existing commissioners for their efforts and successes at the helm.

The job to guide the township to the next level post-Sandy is probably better kept in the hands of the folks who have been doing a good job and have the momentum and the know-how. Is there room for improvement? Of course. Isn’t there always?

Maybe we should let the present folks do their job until they cannot. They definitely work well together. A huge concern of mine, as I have witnessed nightmares on this Island and in outside communities, is when people refuse to work together. Ugh!

This administration seems to have saved the taxpayers a lot of money in recent times. Our township was no doubt the hardest hit on this Island by Sandy.

I do wish all of the candidates the best of luck in this upcoming election. It is very important to have the right mix of people to ensure the town’s success.

Zach Kerzner

Acme Bike Shops

Beach Haven Gardens

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