Efforts Appreciated

Oct 12, 2016

The following was addressed to Long Beach Township Mayor Joseph Mancini and commission.

Dear Mayor Mancini and Commission:

The long-anticipated beach replenishment is winding down in Loveladies. Only a few tasks remain in the project area. On behalf of the board of trustees of the Loveladies Property Owners Association, I thank the Long Beach Township governing body for its positive efforts to move this important project forward.

Seeking, securing and executing a federal construction project in any location is a long, challenging journey. The Long Beach Township governing body has tirelessly and vigorously monitored the project along many ups and downs. At each project step the commission has sought to ensure that the best interest of Long Beach Township residents – in fact, Long Beach Island residents – was represented.

The project was conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with cooperation from the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection. These agencies exert strong influence over the character of the project. They design, makes rules, fund, issue contracts and, with congressional approval, execute the effort. Matters related to local wishes are sometimes lost in the years of complicated timetables.

Due to the geographic character of Long Beach Township, with sections along the length of Long Beach Island, the commission followed the many phases and contracts of beach replenishment persistently, and continuously provided input into each and every component and phase. The township government and staff worked constantly to ensure the safety of its residents and keep beaches open and accessible. With daily changes, this was no easy task.

Thank you, Mayor Mancini. Thank you, Commissioners Lattanzi and Bayard, for your efforts on behalf of the property owners of Loveladies.

We believe that the inconvenience of a summer season beach construction project will be strongly outweighed by the protection offered by increased dune and beach size. We look forward to the completion of the new public dune crossovers, the installation of dune fencing and the dune grass planting that will close out the project.

When the sand settles, with nature’s help, we will have the best protection our government has to offer for a long time.

Lew Nagy, president

Loveladies Property Owners Association


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