Electric Skateboard Spotted in Ship Bottom

Jun 28, 2017
Photo by: Victoria Ford

Board sport technology is ever-evolving, and LBI is a testing ground for all the latest toys.

Justin Fusco, 14, of Vermont, was vacationing at his grandparents’ beach house in Ship Bottom last week and was seen tooling around on his Onewheel electric self-balancing skateboard, which he had received as a Christmas present. He said the battery life gets about a 7-mile range, and the board itself weighs 32 pounds – fairly uncomfortable to heft home in the event he misjudges the time or distance.

As a skater and snowboarder, Fusco had assumed it would be easy to get the hang of the electric board, but he was surprised to find “it’s pretty difficult” to learn to ride it – especially on snow. Getting the hang of it may have been trickier than expected, but once he figured out the footwork, he was on his way and loving it. His friends ask for a go at it, but “they don’t do too well,” he said. Those with the sticktoitiveness may be better off getting one of their own.

The Santa Cruz, Calif.-based maker, Future Motion, founded in 2013, launched Onewheel in January 2014 via a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. The company aims to “bridge recreation and transportation” and to perfect the “float and carve” experience (though users can program the kind of ride they prefer right from their smartphones in the Onewheel app). But the developers see broader applications for the Onewheel, too, such as cinematography, thanks to its off-roading capabilities to take creative adventurers almost anywhere as a “human dolly.”

Fusco said because strangers ask him about it so often, he is in the habit of carrying around informational cards to hand out.  —V.F.

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