Empty Robe

Oct 03, 2018

To the Editor:

My observation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh: There aren’t many people, age 45 to 75, who don’t know some or all of the references Kavanaugh made to “boofing,” Devil’s Triangle, a named girl “alumnus,” etc. are much more than the innocent, disingenuous explanations he offered to the Senate inquiry of him. He clearly provided non-truthful answers. 

We are also finding that with a little more scrutiny he’s proven to be not honest in his descriptions of knowledge and action during his previous Republican administration and special counsel work.

Secondly, based on our deepening understanding of his character, and who he was 36 years ago, I wouldn’t want my children associating with him, either as he was as a young man or now in his dishonest adulthood.

Lastly, his extremely injudicious demeanor and thought, his rancor and anger and biased exposition about the Senate trying to look into his background completely disqualify him. He can rage at the moon in his backyard and call every Democrat senator a filthy son-of-a-gun, but in public if he wishes to be a judge he’s got to act and sound and live like one.

Brett Kavanaugh seems to be a very smart, fluid party functionary who was placed on the federal appeals court with no experience. He’s been seemingly placed in the bullpen for the Supreme Court for just the right moment. But with true close scrutiny, he’s an empty robe, an intemperate man risen from a spoiled and entitled young boy, who showed all the traits in high school of those we wish to warn our daughters of. He offers neither respect, nor temperance.

Charles E. Roth



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