Enduro Clubs’ Diner Gift Is a Sign of Appreciation

Jan 08, 2015
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As the area continues to recover from the effects of Superstorm Sandy more than two years after the storm, there have been numerous “people helping people” stories. Here is another one.

On Dec. 21, there was a dedication ceremony for the installation of a new $1,100 sign at Lucille’s Country Cooking in Warren Grove. Sound ho-hum? Well, keep reading.

The sign was provided by two local motorcycle enduro clubs: Motorcycle Competition (MCI) and Meteor Motorcycle Club.

According to MCI President David Nash, the diner had no room in its budget to put up a quality sign after the one that had been there for 40 years was destroyed by Sandy. A plastic sign that had begun to crack was all that diner owner Lucille Bates-Wickward could afford. Meteor President Michael Barr and Nash noticed that sign had yet to be replaced in November and reached out to Bates-Wickward and offered to replace it.

The club presidents described the relationship the clubs have with the diner as a “long standing connection.” The clubs hold off-road motorcycle events near Warren Grove including some at Bass River State Forest. The clubs have also used the diner to cater events for more than 40 years.

“When we heard that Lucille could use some help with securing the replacement sign, we jumped at the opportunity,” Nash said. “Aside from (Bates-Wickward) providing catering service for MCI events, she’s been a great friend to us all for over 40 years.”

Bates-Wickward said the clubs are now like a family to her. Her husband, though not with either club, was an enduro rider himself.

“They’re not Hell’s Angels,” Bates-Wickward said. “They’re working men.”

“Meteor Motorcycle Club has been hosting enduros in the area since 1934, and Lucille’s is an integral component of our events,” Barr said. “Our riders love the food and family friendly environment that Lucille’s provides. Meteor enduro club was more than pleased to provide aid for a new sign. It’s the least we could do.”

So on that Sunday morning, just before Christmas, Lucille’s had a new sign along Route 539.

“The MCI and Meteor Motorcycle Club events bring in much needed income critical to making the holidays special for our employees,” Bates-Wickward said. “That they would go above and beyond to donate this sign really means a lot to me. I know the new sign means a lot to the community as well.”

She added that she also paid for a sign to be installed just below the new one that states that the new sign is sponsored by the clubs. The diner did this as a surprise for the clubs.

— Liam McKenna


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