Enough Is Enough: Get Over It, Grow Up, Give Trump a Chance

By LARRY CHALK | Jan 25, 2017

I am sick … sick of the constant inundating flow of political garbage. In Canada, I am told, they limit campaigning to 90 days prior to election day. In the U.S. it apparently never ends. The money we spend on political campaigns could do a whale of a lot to relieve suffering, hunger and want. But this year we seem, as a country, to have morphed to a different and extended problem. A large group of Americans can’t seem to accept the fact that Donald Trump is the lawfully elected president of the United States (POTUS).

What is to be gained by boycotting the inaugural ceremony or demonstrating in the District of Columbia, as well as major cities across the United States? At least one politician said he wouldn’t accept Trump as his president. Well, let me enlighten you, my friend. Whether you accept it or not, he is the man.

I have also heard criticism of the Electoral College as a Revolutionary War institution, aimed at pacifying the slave states. Whatever the reason for its creation, it still serves a valuable purpose. Trump won 31 states and the District of Columbia on popular votes. California, with its huge voting block, was the state that put Clinton over the top on popular vote. Should all the little states be penalized just because California has a huge liberal citizenry?

Previous winning administrations have offered the hand of friendship and peaceful resolution to the losing party. True, the transition may not always have been heartfelt, but at least there was an offering of harmony and cooperation. This year the rancor is biting. It seems to be the working of a small mind to say the president is not your president, when it means that you just don’t like the man. Admittedly Trump has said and done some things that make reasonable people shudder in shock. But then Barack Obama said and did some things that garnered the same effect.

Citizens of the republic, isn’t it time to put the election and inauguration to bed and move on with our lives? At the very least, respect the office of the president of the United States. What do people think will be accomplished by the boycott of the inauguration ceremony or the demonstrations in the street? Is Trump going to say, “Oh, I didn’t realize you were so terribly unhappy. Maybe I’ll just go back to my business empire and skip the whole presidential thing”? Surely, most of the country is already well aware of the fact that there is a lot of dissension in the ranks.

Trump has already had a positive impact on jobs staying in the U.S., on commodity pricing and foreign affairs. Although you may not agree with him or his staff, at least give him a chance. The tremendously demanding job of POTUS tends to mature and shape people who occupy it.

I am thankful to reside in a country where people can freely express their opinions without fear of retribution by the state. We can unwittingly drift into anarchy if we let people unduly challenge the authenticity of our government without cause or due process. I fear for the safety of our new president. Shed your tears, gnash your teeth, scream and yell, but get it out of your system. It is not healthy for you or for our country. It is time to get over it, to grow up and act like a political adult. Enough is enough!

Larry Chalk lives in Fort Myers, Fla., and Haven Beach.





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