Excitement Building

May 17, 2017

To the Editor:

Spring cleaning has finally sprung and all of our other preparatory work has begun so we can be ready for yet another great summer on LBI. Out comes our trusty brooms that will hopefully sweep up all the dust and sand left over from last season as well as the long winter.

You can already see Long Beach Township teams are priming the beaches, readying the Island for us to enjoy. Thank you to all who put in the extensive work effort to make all things good for us beach-goers.

While doing my own spring cleaning the other weekend I took a break to run my trusty dog up to the beach during one of those unseasonal 80-degree days (and where are those days now?). His anticipation and excitement was apparent as he raced up the path. All I can say is that his excitement was not wasted as the beach looked wonderful. We sat quietly for a while on the bench, watching the waves crashing onto the sand and soaking in the rays of the day.

I noted that our block’s “Shellabration Garden” appeared no worse for the wear, needing a little special care here and there, but it seems to have weathered the winter well. I could feel the excitement building in me with summer on the brink. It is exciting to think about all the other special shells that will land in our garden this year to brighten it up even more.

Like others, I am sure we have a few new little additions to our block who have either already arrived or will be arriving soon. What’s not to love about little tykes leaving their imprints on the freshly combed sand and in our hearts? Welcome, little ones, to LBI. Hopefully these early times will leave impressions and memories in your little minds that will last a lifetime.

Hey, our youth is our future and we need someone to carry on our traditions as well as getting our butts back and forth to the beach when we get to the point in life where we can’t quite make the hike up that long, laborious hill.

Patty Kelly

Blue Bell, Pa., and Beach Haven Terrace


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