Experience Counts

Oct 12, 2016

To the Editor:

I was one of the many who packed the Long Beach Township municipal hall on Monday, Oct. 3. As they say about real estate: location, location, location. It should be said for this election: experience, experience, experience.

The four people running who are challenging the incumbents seem like nice people, but they lack the skills and experience of those currently in office. Considering what the current administration has accomplished since Sandy alone, there is no question who is more qualified for the positions at hand.

Hopefully, we won’t have another Sandy again, but if we do we must have the people in charge who have “been there, done that” before. We cannot turn our tax dollars over to people who will “look at things when we get in there.” We need, want and deserve the experience, quality and character of the current commissioners.

Kevin Bergin

Haven Beach

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