Express Plumbing Showroom Highlights Style and Clean Function

Apr 16, 2018
Photo by: Jack Reynolds

The new kitchen and bath showroom at Express Plumbing – located just before the Causeway Bridge on West Eighth Street in Ship Bottom – features streamlined style and the fixtures of the future. Touchless faucets, luxury self-cleaning toilets, sleekly shaped tubs, finishes in brushed nickel, polished chrome or oil-rubbed bronze – new is exciting.

Express Plumbing Services is proud to offer the showroom and Ship Bottom office at 347 West Eighth Street as a convenient site to obtain quality products and services. Customers will find the latest American Standard and Mirabelle products displayed, and explained with the help of showroom staff. The location also holds the office of Express Plumbing Services.

Company owner David Hill is a third-generation plumber. He is a master plumber who has owned his own business since 2005 and had worked with his father in the Ocean County area prior to that. The service by “experienced, highly-trained plumbing experts” has led to long-term, loyal customers, company representatives are proud to say.

“It’s a family-run business, just like the Island is family-oriented,” said Jennifer Hill of the company. “It’s a local company whose service and values are rooted in the community they serve,” the website sums up.

Jennifer Hill added that the showroom is handy for homeowners who don’t want to commute off the Island for plumbing fixtures. “We understand the stress of the homeowners who don’t want to deal with leaving the Island to go get fixtures. They can just come here and get what they need, or if they want further work remodeling, especially in the fall or the spring, which is the big time to spruce up their kitchen and bathroom.”

See the website expressplumbingnj.net for more background about the company, including its ideals of “personalized service, upfront pricing, and fast turnarounds.”

A one-year warranty on parts and labor is another important plus point. So is 24/7 emergency plumbing service, available by calling 609-361-ASAP.

Showroom Display

Has ‘Wow’ Factor

The showroom is the new announcement from Express Plumbing.

Step inside and be wowed by the design that goes into a bathroom today. That goes for both looks and functionality.

Not only are new toilets a clean-looking design, but there has never before been cleaner workings. Flushing is a no-touch, germ-free wave of the hand with certain models. Another model is self-cleaning via the push of a button.

The ActiClean system is the effortless way to clean the toilet bowl by pressing a button. It features two cleaning cycles, Deep Clean and Quick Clean. Plus, the patented VorMax Flush Technology with its powerful scribbing action helps maintain a tidy bowl between ActiClean cleanings.

Who would have thought toilets would go “luxury”? Well, an American Standard brochure describes the LXP line models: “like a finely tuned luxury car, the furniture-inspired LXP Toilets ... are high efficiency, low consumption and feature the best engineered flushing systems available to prevent clogs and overflows.” The EverClean surface comes standard; it inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface.

Many styles of toilets are available, also the Champion Pro, which is based on recommendations from professional plumbers and has “the most powerful flushing systems on the market.”

Back to design, enter the showroom and the eyes go right to a deep, oval-stand-alone tub that could be the highlight of a bathroom’s decor. Pedestal sinks are among classy choices of bathroom sinks in various styles.

For the kitchen, an alcove in the showroom displays a sink outfitted with a touchless faucet. Beyond is a row of countertops holding sinks showing different features in faucets.

“The displays really give you an idea of what works in the bathroom or the kitchen; it really stands out,” Jennifer Hill noted.

“We have everything right here to help with your decisions, from remodeling to just replacing anything.”

It’s the experience that we’re talking about, too. Shower heads can spray out a fine “body mist” or a refreshing “rain”; multiple heads can massage the body at several height levels.

Of course, there are also the more standard outfittings that families are used to – but they all have one thing in common: quality parts, not the plastic that many discount stores sell.

“Whatever we don’t have on display, we have plenty of books and pamphlets that we can work from,” Hill said.

Customers should also know that they can come in and pick out a faucet and take it with them if they have their own installer. The company owners say that is fine; they realize that some people have worked with the same contractors for years.

Or the customer can have one of Express Plumbing’s installers do the job, with the one-year warranty on the item as well as the labor.

Regarding other services, more about the 24-hour emergency plumbing: “We’re available weekends, middle of the night, 1 o’clock in the morning for parts, repairs service – it doesn’t matter what time, and we work almost every holiday,” Hill added.

Other plumbing services include: repiping sewer and trenchless sewer services; water main repair and installation; gas line repair and installation; drain cleaning; bathroom remodeling; water heater services; toilet repair and installation; and winterization solutions.

The phone number is 609-361-ASAP (2727) and the email is expressplumbersnj@gmail.com. The Facebook page is Express Plumbing NJ, and a separate Facebook page spotlights the showroom, at Express Plumbing Showroom. 

— Maria Scandale 

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