Fact vs. Fiction

Jan 17, 2018

To the Editor:

We are bombarded on a daily basis with erroneous information and it’s important to sort out what is a fact from what is not. There are a few “facts” presented in Mr. McMenamin’s letter (“Uphold School Mandate,” 1/10) that are incorrect.

The decision to eliminate the library program, the educational field trips and after-school activities were administrative decisions because the budget could no longer support these programs.

I retired from the Long Beach Island School District after teaching there for 40 years and continue to be interested in the education of our Island children. I occasionally attend school board meetings to “check in” and follow the progress and changes being made. When I learned about the programs being discontinued I went and asked why. The answer was the budget and the state cap.

Mr. McMenamin’s opponent has a master’s degree in library science so I find it hard to believe that she would vote to eliminate a program that I would imagine has great importance to her. Board members do not like to eliminate programs that are beneficial to the students and usually do so reluctantly.

Perhaps Mr. McMenamin should attend a few board meetings and ask questions like many members of the public do. I was disappointed that he chose not to attend the Candidate’s Night, which would have given the voters of Surf City an opportunity to question his views on educating our children in this ever-changing world.

But I was happy to see he did realize what school board he is running for since his ad in the newspaper a few months ago stated he was a candidate for the Southern Regional High School board, which I found perplexing.

Susanne Gilbert

Surf City


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