Faith Renewed

Aug 01, 2018

To the Editor:

I lost a family ring on Sunday, July 22. I didn’t know where. But I mentioned it to the owner of the house I’d rented ... just in case. She notified me the next day to say that her new tenants had found it. I was thrilled!

I wanted to try to reward the person, so I bought a gift certificate at Pearl Street Market as a thank-you. The “finder” wouldn’t take it because 30-some years ago a homeless person looking for food found her lost ring. Her name was engraved in it, so he went through the phone book and contacted her.

This is life at its best, renewing lost faith. What was found was not only the ring(s) but a sense of “rightness,” a belief that we live in a pretty good world after all.

Barbara Zimmerman

Beach Haven


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