Fence Regulations Tweaked in Barnegat Township

May 10, 2017

An ordinance adopted by the Barnegat Township Committee May 2 will enable people with in-ground or above-ground pools to have more privacy.

Township Engineer John Hess said that according to land use regulations, the height requirement for fences in waterfront areas was 4 feet.

“And they had to be see-through, or usually a chain-link fence so it would not block the water view,” he said.

But he said a problem arose when several homeowners were looking to erect swimming pools.

“They felt the see-through fence would not give them privacy,” he said.

According to the ordinance, the 4-foot height requirement within the 15 feet of the bulkhead remains the same.

“But once you get further than 15 feet in the rear yard, you are allowed to go up to 6 feet, and it can be a solid fence,” he said.

Committeeman John Novak said the ordinance is a “good thing and it’s overdue.”

“It accommodates the higher fence, but it protects vision,” he said. “If you’re a boater and coming between the intersection of two lagoons, it’s not going to create a safety issue.” —E.E.

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