Fight Fascism

Feb 22, 2017

To the Editor:

“The press is an enemy of the American people,” said President Donald J. Trump. “Without a free press dictators emerge,” countered Sen. John McCain. We are living in a frightening time in our country’s history.

The free press shows us our options and allows us to view the facts. Consider the following points. Our neighbors and allies are being given harsh treatment without any thought of consequence. Healthcare is a human right. We can’t repeal a plan without a replacement. The environment is our home. It was given freely by our Creator. If we ruin it, then it’s ruined.  

Fascism has reached our shores. This is an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization. It reared its ugly head in the 1930s and gave rise to Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. When our leaders support staff such as Steve Bannon, who tells the press to keep their mouths shut, we need to resist. When students in Berkeley are told their school will not get funding because they protested one of Bannon’s stooges speaking in their hallowed halls, we need to resist. When the Constitution is marred by flippant executive orders such as a religious ban on people peacefully entering the country, we need to resist.   

Bannon is simply staff placed in an unlawful position of power, especially on the National Security Council. He, like his boss, has no experience. What he does have is a plan to poison the peace of this country. People like Bannon stir the truth with anger and cause people to fear. His aim is to control the thoughts of a people who really do know better but who get caught in a web of unmitigated deceit. We need to resist. 

Dialogue is needed where people can discuss their differences. Our country has debated issues since its inception. The framers of the Constitution guarded against another monarchy. Our veterans have fought and died so we might have the privilege of living in freedom. However, the president’s personal agenda, along with corruption of power in corporate business dealings, especially with a foreign power such as Russia, is momentarily calling the shots. This is the dictate and we need to resist.

Barbara Truncellito

Barnegat Light





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