Financials, Please

Oct 18, 2017

To the Editor:

Unless I missed some article or other posting, there does not appear to be any public information on the financials of the LBI shuttle. How are Long Beach Township voters to decide (and the riding public in general to know) the financial condition of the shuttle program when deciding on the upcoming referendum?

The information has to be known by someone, either LBT or the LBI Chamber of Commerce. So how about a public posting on municipal websites or information to The SandPaper showing: 1) How much funding the shuttle receives from the grants that are not expiring, sponsored ads on the buses and the individual LBI communities; and 2) what are the expenses (drivers, insurance, gas, maintenance)? If the information is out there already, how about letting folks know where it can be found.

I’m all in favor of keeping the shuttle, as is every single person who has discussed the issue. And I’m in favor of some funding method/increased payment to cover its cost, as this is something that serves everyone on the Island and has been a great success. I especially appreciate Mr. Lattanzi’s desire for the increased funding to be implemented as some type of “fare” rather than a tax increase. The letter in last week’s SandPaper (“Ready-Made Solution”) suggesting using beach badges to access the shuttle, with an increased surcharge on the badges, seems like an interesting idea.

No one wants the shuttle program to end. And if a fare is necessary, then the amounts being discussed seem reasonable. But how are we to know “how much” money is necessary and the extent of the problem unless we get the financials? Transparency, please.

Michael Songer

Harvey Cedars


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