Firefighters Literally Tee Off in Training Exercise

Jun 20, 2018
Courtesy of: Mr. Tee's

When the Beach Haven Volunteer Fire Co. went out on their weekly training session last Thursday, little did they know that they would become social media sensations.

Then again, the sight of firefighters in full gear playing miniature golf is not something you see every day.

Jorge Salazar, deputy fire chief, said that exercise involved regulating air pack capacity and use during a physical activity.

“You could do the air management drill by running around the block,” said Salazar. “But sometimes we like to mix it up with a little fun.”

So a group of firefighters walked across the street from the firehouse to Mr. Tee’s Mini Golf, which has been a summer staple in Beach Haven for 45 years.

“We had about 50 pounds of gear on,” said Salazar. “Fortunately, it wasn’t too humid. A couple guys had holes in one. We had a great time.”

Karen Rosania, Mr. Tee’s owner, got a real kick out of the presence of firefighters. She took a video of the volunteers pitching and putting and posted it on Mr. Tee’s Facebook page. Photos and videos also appear on the fire company’s Facebook page.

“It now has around 130,000 views and has been viewed in Germany, Austria and Canada and all over the United States,” Rosania said. “Many people were sharing them and that’s how these videos spread so quickly. Some of the responses came from firefighters who thought their department should do something like that. I think it is great that our firefighters continue their education and how sometimes they like to have a little fun with learning how to use the equipment.”

Salazar said the company is always looking for volunteers, and anyone interested in joining can stop at the firehouse on Thursday evenings, beginning at 8 p.m., to pick up an application. It is located on the corner of Bay Avenue and Amber Street. They can also call the non-emergency number at 609-492-6007.  —E.E.


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