Fisherman Recovering After Getting Stung by Cownose Ray 

Aug 29, 2018
Source: Wikipedia Cownose Ray

A Manahawkin man was stung by a cownose ray Sunday afternoon, Aug. 26,  in Harvey Cedars at the 73rd Street beach. Police Chief Robert Burnaford said Russell Leary, 30, was transported to the Southern Ocean Medical Center for precautionary reasons. Along with the police, the beach patrol and the Barnegat Light First Aid Squad also responded.

“He’s feeling much better and the pain has subsided,” said Burnaford.

Burnaford said Leary had caught the ray, but was trying to get the ray back into the water when he was stung. He said the ray was about 1 foot wide.

Beach Patrol Capt. Randy Townsend said it is not unusual for cownose rays to be caught off the Island later in the summer with the water being warmer.

“Cownose rays are one of the most docile species of ray, and stings are rare but painful,” he wrote on the beach patrol’s Facebook page. “The barb with venom is close to the body and located near the base of the dorsal fin. This makes the barb not easy to get to. Always use caution when handling wild animals.” E.E.

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