Flawed Solution

May 02, 2018

To the Editor:

Continuing the effort to stop the proposed clear-cutting of the white pines in Bass River State Forest, I have created a petition on the Care2 website, with the following link: thepetitionsite.com/337/358/875/stop-clear-cutting-in-new-jerseys-bass-river-state-park/.

Great article (“Plans to Cut Pines in Bass River State Forest,” 4/4). As per usual, Pat Johnson’s skills as a reporter continue to inspire.

Sen. Connors responded to the issues raised in my email to him by asking state Department of Environmental Protection Acting Commissioner McCabe to appoint someone from her staff to contact me directly in regards to the matter. That was two weeks ago. I have yet to hear from the DEP.

Therefore, I decided a petition, which will go to the governor, is in order to bring more attention to the need for the new tower. The proposal to clear-cut is a flawed solution. The fact remains that even if the trees were destroyed, the tower is well past its 70-year service life and needs to be replaced.

Thanks for the thorough reporting.

Riki Losiewicz

Little Egg Harbor


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