Flooding Frustrations

Aug 01, 2018

To the Editor:

I also read with extreme interest the letter (“Bay Beach Overkill,” 6/27) written by Kathleen Donnelly and the letter from Janice Denbleyker (“Not as Welcoming,” 7/18). I totally agree with both of my neighbors.

While Mr. Fritz has benefited from the project with regard to his flooding, we on the next block, Pennsylvania Avenue, now have more flooding than we ever did. Mayor Mancini happens to live on New Jersey Avenue also. He no longer has flooding issues.

I lost several work days last year because I was unable to get off my block, while New Jersey Avenue was free from flooding. I also could not return home from work one day this year because my block was so flooded. I had to wait until 9:30 p.m to come home.

When they were “remodeling” the bay beach, my husband spoke to the man in charge, letting him know what was starting to happen on our block. The flooding was worse than ever before. He showed no interest.

The new bulkhead not only is unsightly, but also has taken away necessary drainage that was needed. They pitched the street so that the water would run on the opposite side of the bay, and now we have water coming from both east and west on my block.

It was not necessary to build up the bulkhead with the overkill construction that was done. The water rarely, if ever, came over the bulkhead.

I have 12 grandchildren who used to use the bay beach, but now after the “remodeling” of the beach, there is no longer any place to sit on the beach. I think the quaint, little “baby beach,” as we called it, has become a “sea of vinyl.”

I am happy my neighbors are not experiencing flooding anymore, but we have lived here for the past 17 years and I have never lost a day of work until the unsightly vinyl wall appeared.

The next time we have a storm, just look at New Jersey Avenue compared to the surrounding blocks. I also think some of that vinyl should be removed and put up elsewhere. I would like to add that I also feel sorry for the lifeguard sitting in the parking lot!

Diane Rafter

Beach Haven Terrace


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