Folk Across the Street Hosting Band of Lovers on July 16

Jul 05, 2017
Band of Lovers

The next concert in the Folk Across the Street music series is set for 7 p.m. on Sunday, July 16 when the Band of Lovers rolls into West Creek.

Now, it is usually difficult to pin a label on the bands and performers that play in the Folk Across the Street music series.

Sure, they’re folk. But some are also heavy on the bluegrass while others are blues-tinged. Some are quiet; others are raucous, more rock than folk. It would be an easy out to identify their sounds as “roots music,” but that is such a catchall phrase that it is almost meaningless. After all, roots music includes blues, country, rhythm and blues, reggae, folk, world music and rockabilly. So many Folk Across the Street artists are a goulash of musical styles.

Luckily, Band of Lovers defines its own music, calling it either “acoustic chamber pop” or “Americana chamber pop.”

Chamber is the key word. Classical chamber music is defined by its intimacy.

Intimacy can describe a private cozy atmosphere. That’s certainly true of chamber music, which is typically performed in small venues including private homes by small groups of musicians – duos, trios or quartets. Synonyms for intimacy include closeness, togetherness, affinity, rapport, attachment, familiarity, friendliness, amity, affection, warmth and confidence. So it isn’t surprising that chamber music has been called “the music of friends.”

Band of Lovers, as its name implies, takes intimacy up another step.

“Members Dave Strumfeld and Sabina Beachdell met as freshmen in college nine years ago, then began dating about four years later, when they discovered they complemented each other musically, as well,” wrote Chip Chandler in the Amarillo Globe-News back in 2014 when Band of Lovers was only in its second year.

“Our voices blended really well, and my voice brought out the best qualities in his,” Beachdell told Chandler. “We’re really lucky that we were friends for so long before the love evolved. Our foundation is friendship, and things are always easy and fun.”

Their voices don’t blend really well; their voices blend fantastically! His, like his guitar, is the floor while hers, like her ukulele, glides along the ceiling. They’re backed on their current tour by Liliana Urbain’s drums and vocals, making one of the most instrumentally unique musical trios ever.

The other words of Band of Lovers’ self-description ring true as well. They are an acoustic band. And although they are thoroughly rooted in folk music style their lively songs have pop to them – don’t let the word chamber scare you away.

Intimacy rules the band’s lives. They travel the country in a self-converted 1997 Dodge van. And they travel the entire country, so that like the late Johnny Cash, they can sing “We’ve been everywhere, man, we’ve been everywhere” (think Amarillo). You’ve got to be intimate to do that for four years.

Folk Across the Street will be a perfect fit for Band of Lovers, considering its summer home is a small, and yes, intimate barn located at 288 North St. in West Creek.

Tickets for the show are $20 in advance and may be reserved by calling 609-296-9150. They’re $25 at the door, but you’re taking a chance waiting for this rain or shine event considering seating in the barn is limited. The show will be preceded by a 6 p.m. potluck dinner (BYOB) and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Stockton University’s Marine Science Program via the Stacey Moore Hagan Memorial Scholarship Fund.

— Rick Mellerup


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