For All Your Plumbing, Cooling and Heating Needs, Air Technical Service Is Fast, Reliable

By PAT JOHNSON | Apr 16, 2018

“Top quality work done right the first time” is the motto of Air Technical Services owner Ray Dietrich. Dietrich has over 20 years combined plumbing and HVAC service and installation experience and has recently opened a new store on the Causeway in Ship Bottom at 330 West Eighth Street.

Another motto is “Fast, reliable and friendly service,” which his wife, Diane, facilitates from the office. You’ll always get an actual person on the line, never a machine. And since emergencies often happen at inconvenient times, that means someone to listen and get back to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“We pride ourselves on building relationships while delivering superior service to our customers,” said Dietrich. “Our skilled plumbing team offers affordable home service and quality solutions for commercial customers. Whether big or small, we get the job done in a timely manner.”

These services include installing and servicing sump pumps, water services, installations, repairs, gas lines, camera scooping of drain lines, drain cleaning, hot water heaters and winterizing.

This winter has been particularly tough on pipes, said Dietrich, and second-home owners are still coming back to find a leak has occurred over the winter. But with 10 employees, the company has been able to respond in a timely manner to these repairs.

Once the temperature gets above 60 degrees, allowing for pressure tests, Air Tech gets busy with performing annual maintenance of systems. “Particularly on the Island, we wash down the outside HVAC units with a solvent to get rid of salt and pollen,” said Dietrich. “Regular maintenance will extend the life of a system considerably,” he said.

Maintenance contracts are good for the business and the customer, said Dietrich. They typically cover plumbing issues and HVAC needs and include discounts on parts and labor.

“Same-day service is a priority for those with a maintenance contract, and that’s particularly important for homes that are rentals. You’ve paid a lot of money for a week’s vacation on the Island; you want to be on the beach.”

He has found another way to increase service turnaround by stocking his own warehouse across from his office with parts that are typically needed.

Dietrich got his certifications from Lincoln Technical in Union when he was 22 years old. “I decided I wanted to work with my hands and not get stuck in an office.” His first business was Brown’s Heating and Cooling in Monmouth County, but after moving to Manahawkin a number of years ago, he decided to become a partner in Air Tech on the Island so he could be closer to and spend more time with his family.

A whole-house plumbing service contract includes washing machine hoses and water valves, dryer vent ducts, toilet valves and floats for leaks, all sink valves and pipes, visible waste pipes (camera inspection available at discounted rate), all faucet screens and debris cleaning, all outdoor hose bibs for leaks and operation, sump pump condition and operation, garbage disposal connection operation and dehumidifier operation.

Contact Air Technical Services to schedule an appointment or to speak with one of its seasoned, expert plumbers.

Other services include air quality assessments of your home or business and recommendations for improving air quality in both residential and commercial properties. Air quality improvements could be as simple as improved filters or the installation of humidifiers to work with your heating and air conditioning to offer an improved level of indoor air quality, energy efficiency and home comfort.

Power outages in summer caused by electrical storms are as inconvenient as they are in winter, noted Dietrich, and the business carries and installs whole-home natural gas generators. They also are certified to run gas lines for generators or natural gas fireplace installation.

The company is also an expert in radiant floor heating. Saving money on your electric bill is one of the company’s priorities, said Dietrich, and this can be achieved by investing in a programmable WiFi or Smart thermostat. His expert installers can help you decide on which is best for your HVAC system.

When it comes to top-of-the-line brands, Air Technical Services is proud to carry the very best products and HVAC systems available, including a Bryant comfort system, a reliable alternative to ordinary heating and cooling systems that can unearth major savings and delivers whole-home comfort. Bryant systems are among the most energy-efficient and cost-effective space conditioning systems available, said Dietrich. His installers are also trained to service and repair “hot water on demand” tankless water heaters, such as Nivien.

Lastly, a problem that can suddenly erupt and ruin a vacation: water or sewer line leaks. Homeowners are often surprised to learn that their water and sewer lines from the street to their house are their responsibility to repair, not the municipality’s. Air Tech is one of the few local companies that have the ability to repair or replace sewer lines with little to no disruption to your property or your day-to-day lifestyle.

With advances to technology, there is minimal to zero digging or excavation, so there is no need for costly landscape restoration, and Air Tech can complete the job in two to three days, said Dietrich.

Air Technical Services can send a trained professional to look at your current system and evaluate its condition. Find out if you need any repairs before it’s too late and there is a substantial issue, not after.

Services are available 24/7 for emergency service calls with competitive, flat rate pricing and warranty-backed repairs.

Whatever your plumbing, HVAC or replacement appliance needs are, ATS has the right answer, said Dietrich. Call 609-362-3825.

Air Technical also offers a home concierge service or house watch service. These services include interior and exterior inspections of your LBI home and property, which may include (depending on your needs): visual interior and exterior inspection of your home and property; confirming all doors and windows are secure; looking for signs of intruders and vandals (forced entry); noting and reporting any gas leaks identified inside or out; confirming that the heat/AC units are operating and thermostat is set correctly; checking for visible signs of water intrusion; looking for signs of damaged/frozen pipes. Even more services are testing functioning of plumbing fixtures, running faucets and flushing toilets to eliminate stagnant water; checking appliances are functioning properly; checking timers for lights are operating; checking hot water heater for leaks; checking electrical panel for tripped breakers; looking for visible signs of rodents, pests and insects; checking grill, outside furniture and shower; and returning trash cans from street pickup.

Weekly plans are recommended, but biweekly plans as well as a combination of both during the more severe months are available.

Upon each inspection, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of Air Tech’s visit and photos of any and all issues identified. Should immediate action be required, a phone call will be made from the property.

“There is no better luxury than knowing your home is left in good hands,” said Dietrich.

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