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‘Four Seasons at the Shore’ Includes a Winter Mood

Gift Idea Celebrates the Essence of LBI
Nov 10, 2017

Welcome winter, when we sit back while a wilder side of nature takes to the beach. It’s pictured and printed in the extraordinary coffee-table book Four Seasons at the Shore.

Unparalleled since its 2004 release, it’s still a stunning gift idea from Down The Shore Publishing, for friends and family who cherish the beach beyond the summer.

The 224-page oversize hardcover is available locally at The Hand Store, the Pottery Barge, the BookWorm, Kapler’s Pharmacy, Medicine Solutions and the Islanders Store as well as the Tuckerton Seaport gift shop.

Renowned Long Beach Island writers contributed seasonal essays, which unfold with 332 photographs by 49 noted photographers.

Publisher’s Weekly calls the book “handsome,” and The New York Times wrote that Four Seasons At The Shore is “compelling.” From ocean to bay, from the dunes to the salt marsh and the amusements and arcades, this remarkable book of photographs and essays captures the essence of the shore.

Noted shore writers offer intimate essays about each season. Following are excerpts from some:

The winter beach is invigorating, visceral. If the wind – always the wind – is from the west the dunes protect me. On a sunny winter day the beach seems wider, flatter, more expansive, the sand whiter….

— Margaret Thomas Buchholz, Winter

…the special power of the Shore in spring, when a walk along the beach can be a personal journey –one that for many of us has become a sustaining ritual. Soon, no doubt, I will welcome the advancing crowds, the rush of energy that summer brings to the Shore. But not now. I continue on, absorbed by this place and its elemental beauty.

— Rich Youmans, Spring

Summertime: it’s the big mix. The heady yearn of a salt marsh low tide, one stalk of an egret, the gushy tangy spiritual wash of the ocean, the cheap innocent slap of a flip-flop. Asphalt meets suntan lotion, boardwalk and bees hum harmony. The whole world is ripening….

— Sandy Gingras, Summer 

But to dwellers by the sea, fall is relief, and belief. The beach no longer smells of coconut oil. It is primeval again. Looking seaward, you recognize eternity. Houses stand empty-eyed. Gulls squawk at tire tracks in the sand until they, too, are gone. The sea darkens, but the sky lifts.

— Larry Savadove, Autumn

John T. Cunningham — the dean of New Jersey historians — writes in his Prologue that it is the sensual shore revealed to us in this book: “Anyone seeking enduring links to this stretch of seacoast finds them only when the senses come into full play.”

The 224-page hardcover is an oversize landscape-format 11¼ inches by 10¼ inches and carries a cover price of $48. For additional information and other titles, see the website —M.S.

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