Frigid Winter Temps Temporarily Freeze Valve on Ship Bottom Water Tower

Jan 23, 2019

This week’s cold snap that saw the bay freeze over in some areas and made for some beautiful pictures of the Island in the offseason was also part of the reason the Ship Bottom water tower was spewing water Monday morning. Councilman Robert Butkus, chair of the borough’s water and sewer committee, said on Tuesday that a sensory-level indicator froze.

“To the tower it looked like it needed water, so it kept pumping,” Butkus said, noting the water shooting out from the water tower and flooding 17th Street was turned off by Stafford Township water and sewer employees. The borough has a shared-service agree with Stafford for the work. “An AC outlet had to be changed.”

The water tower was never taken out of service, Butkus said. Stafford employees defrosted the valve, and an electrician switched out the outlet.

“When the tower is full this time of year, it (the amount of water in the tower) will last up to a week,” he added. G.G.S.

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