Garden Club of LBI Wants Property Owners to Properly Dispose of Infested Black Pines

May 23, 2018

Homeowners should always plant native plants when creating their landscaping if they want to avoid problems like the pine beetle infestation that is currently decimating the Japanese black pines. The Garden Club of Long Beach Island recommends planting red cedar trees, as they can stand up to the harsh environment on the barrier islands and mainland lagoon communities.

Black pines are affected by pine wilt disease, which is caused by infestations with the pinewood nematode, transmitted by mature pine sawyer beetles. If you have black pines on your property, you should be aware of what could be happening to them. Look for running sap around the base of the tree, a clear sign of infestation. The beetle infests the tree and eventually will kill it. If this happens on your property, the tree needs to be removed. Do not mulch the wood or use it for firewood. The disease will spread from tree to tree if not removed properly, with the waste taken to a regional waste management facility.

Some trees can be treated with pesticides, but that does not always control or cure the problem. —P.J.

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