Gemini Jewelry Designs a ‘Harbor’ for Beach-Inspired Pieces

Jul 19, 2017
Photo by: Jack Reynolds

When a piece beckons, like the siren call of a golden mermaid in the showcase at Gemini Jewelry Designs, just ask co-owner Marianne Seabert to see it.

“It gives me an excuse to play with it,” said the Surf City businesswoman who fondly admits “a passion” for the jewelry.

Seabert owns the shop with her husband Andrew, a 1993 Southern Regional grad and former Surf City borough employee who became an art teacher in Mercer County, where the couple have a home in Lawrenceville.

Their shop at 1501 Long Beach Blvd. in Surf City, where Ciao Bella was, is a sea of vibrant treasures in a calming ambience of blue color scheme.

“Gemini Jewelry Designs is your harbor for beach-inspired and unique jewelry, handpicked to embrace your memories of Long Beach Island.”

The description on their media materials is the perfect encapsulation. Many of the lines follow seashore themes, so, as Marianne says, “you look at it and fondly remember your vacation.”

“A great selection for all budgets” is the remaining key that unlocks the treasure chest for anyone. And the store accepts all credit cards, the owners said.

There are jeweled Kovel pieces in the multi-thousand-dollar range, irresistible in their beauty and craftsmanship. Yet, there are items at $20 or even less for oneself or for gifts.

The couple are authorized retailers of several distinctive and creative lines, such as the Kovel Collection, Vera Wolf, Chart Metalworks, Marahlago larimar and Satya Jewelry. Marianne Seabert’s world travels are reflected in the ecletic choice of styles. She has also created her own jewelry in the past, so she appreciates design.

Before we embark on a tour of the store, it’s refreshing to know the mission of the shop owners, which values the customer.

“Some businesses like to cite the Golden Rule for how they treat their customers; I believe in taking our cues from you ... we will gladly greet you when you arrive, we will then look for your response to see if you prefer to get every detail, if you prefer to wander, or if you prefer some combination of the two,” begins Marianne on the web page,, “to treat you the way you want to be treated, to have an enjoyable experience, to want to return, and to want to tell all your friends that they must visit too! Please feel free to ask questions, and go ahead – try that piece on, it’s speaking to you for a reason!”

She loves all kinds of jewelry, each piece of her own holding a special meaning. She wants customers to find pieces that evoke meaning for them, “whether they are fun pieces, upscale costume pieces, or fancy pieces.”

“I wear my mother’s ring on her birthday, I wear my first ring from my husband on our anniversary, I wear my charm bracelet with charms from vacations when I need a reminder that my life has been so full of memorable moments.”

Whether folks see the selections first on the Facebook page, or want to be surprised in the store, they find a variety to enjoy and consider. Below are some “spotlights.”

“Kovel offers a wide variety of handcrafted sterling silver with18-carat gold accented pieces. They offer three lines: their Precious in Silver Collection, with prices starting at $149, their Land & Sea Collection with genuine gemstones and hand-laid mother-of-pearl or opal inlay with prices starting at $225, and last but certainly not least is their Custom line that offers one-of-a-kind custom statement pieces that offer genuine gemstones in rare designs. Pricing for the Custom pieces starts at $1100.”

Cameos even carry an ocean theme in this store whose owners love the beach. The highly coveted lighthouses from Kessler are hand-carved blue agate cameos set in sterling silver and 14-carat gold. Also available are the dolphin, seahorses and Venus cameos.

“Did you know there are multiple ways to commemorate your love of LBI? We have two companies that have made Custom LBI items just for us! Chart Metalworks offer both lead-free pewter and sterling silver items with an exclusive LBI map, prices starting at $40. (Chart’s custom LBI jewelry boxes in walnut are also in store.) Kovel offers pendants in Sterling silver with 18-carat gold accents, prices start at $195.”

The genuine larimar pendants by Marahlago are of high quality, and the store got in a bigger selection at customers’ request. Marahlago’s Fine Gemstone Jewelry Line is also in stock in bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Having Gemini in their name almost requires that they carry zodiac-themed pieces, the store owners say. Satya’s Zodiac lines bear the traditional zodiac signs, but the company also has a unique line of Star Alignments with the dominant month’s birthstone being the brightest star. These vermeil pieces are made fair trade and come with an information card that describes each sign.

“We proudly carry Vera Wolf Jewelry, a brand that was born 25 years ago during a trip to Bali; Vera & Wolf visited the villages and found silversmiths that to this day put Wolf's visionary drawings and mock-ups into physical artwork that can be worn every day.” Prices for the Vera Wolf line start at $25 and go to $200.

Handmade sailboat earrings and pendants have amethyst, peridot and blue quartz accents that look like stars. Artfully abstract, they are sure to evoke comments.

Many people partial to sterling silver will love the adjustable bolo bracelets that start at $45.

The store will stay open until at least the end of October. The phone number is 609-848-9762.

— Maria Scandale








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