Generations Connect on Dr. Seuss Day

Mar 08, 2017
Photo by: Ryan Morrill

There’s nothing better than Dr. Seuss books to connect the generations with one another.

Some 20 Southern Regional student-athletes visited with local elementary school children on Read Across American Day, March 2, which celebrates Dr. Seuss on his birthday. Everyone seemed to have a favorite Seuss book, or several favorites.

“I like Sam, because he just kept trying to get him to eat the green eggs and ham,” 6-year-old Cooper Swenson said of Green Eggs and Ham, while donning a Cat in the Hat lid atop his blond hair.

“I like Cat in the Hat and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, too. But I like to read all kinds of books. They help me learn new words. I like to learn.”

The Southern students, many of them toting around favorite Dr. Seuss books from their younger years, were on hand at the Ronald L. Meinders Primary Learning Center in Manahawkin to read to the students on what is commonly referred to as Dr. Seuss Day. Earlier on Thursday, they did the same at Ocean Acres Elementary School.

“I love little kids. And I remember Dr. Seuss Day from when I was little,” said senior swimmer Laura Patterson. “There was always so much anticipation for that day, and all the teachers would dress up. I don’t read much Dr. Seuss now, but it was a lot of fun to be a part of this, reading to the little kids. Seeing their reactions and hearing what they say is great. For them, the interaction with us is special. It means something to them.”

Southern track standouts Sabrina Woodlee and Taylor Mulch, who paired up to read to several groups of students throughout the morning, enjoyed the experience as well.

“We’re role models for these kids. So it’s really a good opportunity to spend time with them, especially for something like Dr. Seuss Day, which is always awesome,” said Woodlee, a senior who got her start at Ocean Acres Elementary School.

“The kids are cute and funny, so it’s fun to come here and do something like this,” remarked Mulch, a junior who attended Oxycocus Elementary. “And what’s really funny is we’re like celebrities. These kids get so excited for us to be here. But I remember being the same way when I was that age.”

“I’ve been teaching 13 years and I’ve not come across a child who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss and his stories,” said kindergarten teacher Marci VanSciver. “All week long, we do activities to celebrate Dr. Seuss, and it’s really a special time for most of the students. Even with the technology they use today, most of them still love to hold and read books, especially Dr. Seuss books.”

Even Stafford Township School District Superintendent George Chidiac – appropriately labeled “Super Thing” and also wearing the famous Cat in the Hat hat, no less – and Stafford Township Council President Alan Smith got into some classrooms to read some Seuss.

“Dr. Seuss Day doesn’t get old,” said PLC Principal Lori Coyne. “We love this day. We love this week. We create different themes so the children can have a lot of fun as they learn. Our students spend a lot of time reading, and the great thing is they still get excited about. Reading was big when I first started teaching, and the enthusiasm for reading, especially with young children, is still the same. That was highlighted today.”

— David Biggy

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