Give the Gift of Wildlife Conservation

Dec 18, 2017
Photo by: Ryan Morrill

For a unique, conscientious holiday gift, adopt a species on behalf of a family member or friend, and help protect local wildlife. Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey offers symbolic adoption of the state’s rarest animals, and the program in turn funds efforts to safeguard those species and restore important habitat.

“New Jersey is a small state with very big natural resources,” CWF explains. “From the mountains of northwestern New Jersey to the Delaware Bayshore, our state provides habitat for a wonderful array of wildlife that exist in our cities, suburbs, fields, forests, beaches and bays. Bald eagles soar above our marshes and reservoirs but can also be found along the hustle and bustle of our highway corridors. Peregrine falcons nest on the cliffs of the Palisades and in our biggest urban centers. Bog turtles find refuge in the grassy, wet meadows of Warren and Sussex County while Pine Barrens treefrogs can be heard calling from the Pinelands.

“Yet habitat loss, pollution, climate change, and other threats create a perilous situation for our wildlife. We must act now to ensure the survival of our precious wildlife before it’s too late.”

Animals available through the CWF Adopt-a-Species Program include: the bald eagle, blue-spotted salamander, bobcat, bobolink, bog turtle, checkered white butterfly, Indiana bat, Atlantic loggerhead turtle, osprey, peregrine falcon, Pine Barrens treefrog and piping plover.

The various adoption levels – $30, $50, $100 or $250 – come with items such as adoption certificates, decals, bookmarks and more.

Adopt a species online at, or call 609-984-6012. —J.K.-H.

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