Glowing Patch of Ocean Was Just a Test

Oct 16, 2018
Photo by: Jack Reynolds

A biodegradable food-grade green dye testing of pipe lines in the county’s sewer system had more than a few seaward-looking folks in Surf City and Ship Bottom wondering, “What on Earth?!”

A large plume of DayGlo green water issuing from the main diffuser section of Ocean County’s outflow pipe could easily be seen from shore at midday Tuesday. The outflow pipe terminates nearly a mile off the beach. The U.S. Coast Guard and state Department of Environmental Protection had been notified of the testing.

According to James Irons, manager of the Ocean County Utilities Authority southern division treatment plant in Cedar Run, Stafford Township, such testing helps monitor the integrity of pipes.

To follow the flow of the dye, an Ocean County mosquito control helicopter flew above the pipe route, looking for any leaks. None were found. The chopper finally hovered over the dye’s outflow into the ocean. That led some nearby Island residents to wonder if the military might be investigating the patch.

One man called The SandPaper, worried that “glowing water” might be part of the recent shutdown at the Oyster Creek nuclear plant in Forked River. It was not.

Similar tests are planned for other locations within the authority’s regional system over the next few weeks. —J.M.

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