Glowing Review

Mar 14, 2018

To the Editor:

As I entered those doors of the LBI Grade School in Ship Bottom a flood of memories washed over me. Forty-plus years earlier I had been a student there. The extremely low water fountains, the feel of those familiar brick walls, passing classroom after classroom on our way to the gymnasium, “Dewey Decimal” (a math cartoon character created by math teacher Mr. Daly), “Funny Money” (a monetary award system created by science teacher Mr. Wolinsky) filled my mind.

I could continue on and on about these cherished times of the innocence of youth. My real reason for this letter is to commend the LBI school board on a great Neon Party put together for hundreds of children in the community.

Although I do not have any children of my own, I was asked if I could help provide some neon/LED lights for the theme of the party. Along with that, I was invited to attend by a couple parents.

Always looking for a good way to help the community (God knows I need to pay back the neighborhood due to extremely poor decisions I made in the past), I ordered some glow and new LED products that are on the market. (Years ago I was a familiar character wandering around The Ketch nightclub in Beach Haven with a fistful of glow necklaces.)

It was a pleasure to help hand out glow sticks, glasses and balls to these very excited children who waited patiently for a particular color or item they desired.

I want to thank Principal Frank Birney, LBI School employees, the LBI Board of Education and the Ship Bottom Police Department for organizing and helping with such a great event.

Randy David Brown

(alias “The Pirate of LBI”)

Spray Beach


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