Go With the Unknown

Oct 12, 2016

To the Editor:

I find it somewhat interesting that Mr. Kostopoulos has written to The SandPaper to express his concern about the President Obama birther issue (“Undermining Obama,” 10/5).

He writes that Donald Trump’s continuing efforts to raise the issue after the birth certificate was produced led to the president’s inability to better the lives of the middle class with a better economic result.

In his letter about the current president, Mr. Kostopoulos names Mr. Trump as a candidate for president but never mentions the candidate for president his party supports. He writes that Donald Trump “is either a liar or unable to deal with reality.” While Mr. Kostopoulos is not aware of Mr. Trump’s truthfulness, he must surely be aware of what all America knows, the candidate of his party is a liar. She has the ability to lie about her lies.

His candidate, after being in the public eye for some 30 years, an individual President Obama heralds as the most qualified candidate ever, is in a close race with some might say the least qualified candidate.

Some Americans will ignore the obvious and support their candidate. Others would rather vote for the unknown with a strong Congress. This is a time where it may be better to go with what you do not know rather than what you know.

Most recently America voted for a president who promised “Hope and Change.” In seven years he has doubled the national debt that took over 100 years to reach half what it is now. The Middle East is in chaos; we pay ransom to Iran in cash that will find its way to make things worse. In some states there are more people on public funds than are working. The man who promised to bring America together has instead brought to those he provided hope a higher unemployment rate, reduced home ownership and family income lower today than eight years ago.

He has ruled as a dictator with a pen, but thankfully the courts have reversed some of his ultimate plan for America. Bill Clinton confirmed what those who did not vote to support Obamacare knew: “It is a crazy plan, the cost is doubling and the deductibles are increasing.” Could it be that Mr. Kostopoulos has forgotten the name of the person who has said she will continue to follow the path President Obama has determined? Does he want more of the same “Hope and Change”?

We may not know what a Trump presidency will bring, but we do know what four more years of a Democratic administration will bring.

Howard Buerkle

Beach Haven


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