Good for Beach Haven

Sep 26, 2018

The following was addressed to Bonnie Lenhard, chair of the Beach Haven Land Use Board.

Dear Bonnie:

As you are aware, at the land use board meeting on Aug. 27, the Victoria Rose project was defeated by a vote of 4 in favor, 4 against with one abstention. The project would have approved the redevelopment at the site of the old Beach Haven bank building in compliance with the master plan approved previously by council. The redevelopment included tearing down the building and erecting a residential/retail complex including five units set aside for affordable housing.

One of the Beach Haven Taxpayers Association’s 2018 priorities is business revitalization and support for pro-business initiatives to attract commerce. Expansion of businesses is good for Beach Haven; it serves to increase the borough’s ratable and revenue base.

Additional sources of revenues via business revitalization are realized through increased visitation volumes while creating jobs for the employees of our business establishments.

This project committed to providing affordable housing for those who would benefit from this: the younger population and those employees of our business establishments, including those serving our first aid squads and police and fire departments.

The BHTA board met on Sept. 1 and by unanimous motion reaffirmed our belief that projects such as Victoria Rose, if modified, that meet the tenets below are good for Beach Haven. That is, any revised or new project should:

  • Improve tax ratables;
  • Provide affordable housing for business employees, the young, first aid volunteers, police and fire personnel;
  • Improve streetscapes and enhance visitation volume;
  • Create jobs.

In addition, this belief ensures that we keep the post office in Beach Haven, which despite the advancement in technology and shipping options is still an essential component of the services we have in Beach Haven.

Change is difficult but at times necessary. We encourage the developers of Victoria Rose to work with the community at large and businesses in the spirit of unity to move this project forward. We affirm that this type of project is good for the current and future taxpayers of Beach Haven.

John Hailperin, president

Beach Haven Taxpayers Assn.

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