Gov’t for Grownups 

Sep 26, 2018

To the Editor:

The GOP is, and has been, government for grownups.

Historically, the two-party system served America well. Each party served to provide a check on the political influence and power of the other party. This period in American history was characterized by moderates in each party. The moderates in each party not only kept the campaign discourse civil but they also provided a type of communication that could eventually lead to grudgingly accepted compromise for each political party.

The presidential campaign of 2016 marked the official end of America’s ideal two-party system with the Democrat presidential candidate attacking supporters of the GOP standard-bearer with the description of “deplorable.”

The events following the election of Donald J. Trump were barely a peaceful transfer of power. For example, Inauguration Day was marked with protestors setting fire to vehicles and smashing windows. All Americans have the right to peacefully conduct protest marches but not to carry out riots.

The efforts to degrade a highly successful first year of the Trump administration demonstrated a wide variety of immature efforts to damage a successful president, who never had a traditional “honeymoon period.” When the Russian connection charges failed to materialize, charges of insanity followed. To the credit of President Trump, his reply was stability as a genius in leading a divided GOP party to pass a tax reduction plan without a single Democrat vote of support in the U.S. Senate.

Rather than embracing success for America gained by the GOP, is the Democrat Party (not Democratic Party) becoming increasingly irrational by refusing to move away from an obstructionist position to one of moderation through compromise? Will the Democrats continue to adopt the position of “our way or the highway”?

Charles F. Lee

Washington Township, N.J.

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