Grateful Grandfather

Jul 25, 2018

To the Editor:

Saturday, July 14, I took my 11-year-old grandson to the 17th Street beach for a swim and some beach time. Our family has been enjoying the same beach since the early 1960s.

John wanted to surf so I went back to the house and picked up the board and returned to the beach. When I got there he was not at the spot where I left him even though his towel and T-shirt were still by the umbrella. After searching for him, I returned to the umbrellas and asked the people who were next to us if they had seen him and nobody had recalled seeing him but suggested I check with the lifeguards.

When I checked in at the lifeguard stand I was greeted by a very competent lady who is a schoolteacher in Connecticut. She assured me they would do their best to locate him. The response was immediate and the crew checked the swimmers but with no luck. They contacted the Ship Bottom police and they responded quickly. The police, along with the lifeguards, combed the beach and within a short time they located John. What a relief!

I can’t say enough about the Ship Bottom lifeguards and police, as their response was immediate, professional and caring. It was a relief to know there are so many good people involved, and the outcome was successful. We are very fortunate to have such dedicated personnel in both the Ship Bottom lifeguard and police organizations.

Thanks again from a grateful grandfather.

E. Atkinson

Ship Bottom

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