Gravel Gripe

Aug 22, 2018

The following was sent to Long Beach Township Mayor Joseph Mancini and Commissioner Ralph Bayard.

To Whom It May Concern:

Everyone in Holgate was happy with the work you did in reference to the black gravel near the playground. However, you could not leave it alone. You just had to dump black gravel at the end of Janet Road instead of extending the beige gravel. You would not find this at the park across from the police station.

Again, why did this have to be done in our little park? Did you look at it? Why couldn’t you leave it alone? It was great, no flaws, etc. You could have been proud of your work. No, you could not leave it alone. Why?

There had been sand there and your men created a dump. Now we have to start all over, raising voices, sending letters and using other methods. Why did you have to cause another problem? Sand makes the area beautiful and is natural.

Please respect this area and keep it as it was meant to be. You will feel good about yourselves.

J. Gorman, P. Gunnington, T. Stark, B. Dunn, W. Brady




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