Grossly Underpaid

May 16, 2018

To the Editor:

In reference to Scott Dennerlein’s letter (“Teachers Have It Good,” 5/9), in which he described how work “is” for the rest of the workforce, there is a point I would like to share.

I worked as an educator for over 35 years. I worked in the summer for 34 of those years.
Mr. Dennerlein’s circle of friends pay for health insurance. Teachers do, too.

As for pensions, my son and daughter-in-law have worked for over 15 years in this noble profession. Their pensions are endangered, and I will not get into the politics of that ... Chris Christie, et al.

If you pay any attention to the salary increases, or lack thereof, for teachers in the U.S., you should understand that they, for their skill level, education level and hard work, are grossly underpaid.

Mr. Dennerlein states that teachers should make “honest” demands for wages and benefits. What does that mean?

And, finally, the “relatively easy job” of teaching involves working with children, our future, for up to eight hours a day, not including prep time. Yes, we work at home after work. Do you?

Bill Downey

Hawthorne, N.J., and Ship Bottom

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