Hang 10: Fantasy Island Amusement Park Unveils Newest Attraction

Jun 28, 2017
Photo by: Ryan Morrill

Surf’s up at Fantasy Island Amusement Park in Beach Haven. On Monday, June 26, the park unveiled its newest ride, the Hang 10 roller coaster. Before the park even opened, a line of young children and their parents formed at the base of the roller coaster, staring up at the new ride hoping they had made it in time to be one of the inaugural riders.

But, as with any good grand opening, there needed to be a ceremonial ribbon cutting. From the sea of eager Hang 10 riders emerged the Fantasy Island Princess and Crocodile, who, with the help of the amusement park owners and their wives, cut the ribbon, signifying the new coaster was officially open.

After the ribbon was cut, a wave of riders came crashing down, and the Hang 10 coaster was flooded with its first group of inaugural riders. Among them was Little Miss Stafford, Emilie Krill, and her sister, Abigail, who were the honorary first riders. The ride itself is “completely different” from any ride Fantasy Island has ever had, according to Marketing Director Diane Frey. Taking the place of the beloved Dragon roller coaster, the Hang 10 is still a coaster, but with one distinct difference: Each individual cart spins while it moves around the track.

“It was time for a new ride,” said Frey. “We’ll miss our Dragon coaster, but the kids are absolutely loving Hang 10.”

Frey wasn’t wrong, if the Krill sisters were any indication. They rode in the front row, arms raised high above their heads, chanting their approval as they twisted and turned along the track. They were followed by other children who chanted the same approval and a few adults who may have underestimated their motion sickness tolerance before the ride took off. As the ride came to a halt, the honorary inaugural Hang 10 riders ran off the ride, smiling and voicing their thrills for all to hear. Emilie emerged from the ride with her Little Miss Stafford ribbon in hand, followed by a grinning Abigail.

“That. Was. AWESOME!!” screamed Abigail.

Emilie asserted the ride wasn’t too fast, and she wasn’t even that scared. After the inaugural ride, they were off to get back in line or chase other Fantasy Island thrills.

Once the riders completed their Hang 10 rides, their laughter and screams continued. As the group emptied off the ride it was a race to the back of the long line that had formed, to secure their spot for another turn. Altogether, the grand opening was a fun night for everyone who came out and established Hang 10 as Long Beach Island’s hottest new ride of the summer, and a memory maker for all ages for years to come.

— Zach Hoffman

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